Top Phone Apps To Use in Vietnam

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Technology makes everyday life almost anywhere in the world easier! With just a few taps on your phone, you literally can plan everything. Vietnam is not behind on all these innovative advantages both for the benefit of locals and expats, which makes it a country where you should move next.

After living in Ho Chi Minh City for three months now (6 months in Hanoi before this), I have found a few phone apps that make my life easier especially since I don’t speak the language, yet. I’ve decided to ask a couple of expats to give the most useful apps that they personally use in their everyday life.

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There are various ways to move around Vietnam, from buses, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, and even boats are fairly useful depending on your location.

Grab & Taxi Mai Linh

Offers service both for cars and motorbike, Grab solves your issue with transportation especially if you don’t feel like driving around yourself. Grab and Taxi Mai Linh also offers delivery whereas they can pick up the good you need or goods that you need to send. You can set up your payment method through your card too for cashless travels. These apps are massively used in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

TripGo and BusMap

If you rather take the public bus, TripGo and BusMap are the apps you need. These two can show you the route options, cost of the ticket, and even how to get to the nearest pickup point. Taking a bus is also the cheapest way to get around the city.

Not really an app (although they have one but not very reliable), is one of of our to go websites to book our overland transportation. Either you want to travelling from one city to another within Vietnam or to other neighbouring countries like Cambodia or Laos or even in entire Southeast Asia. They pull out the cheapest to most expensive options for you to go around.


AhaMove is perfect for expats in Vietnam who are planning to move in/out, skip the hassle of hailing a taxi or renting a car. AhaMove can move big or small furniture across the city you are moving to or out. The options are between motorbikes, tricycle, truck for 500 kgs or 1000 kgs. You can book the help you need in advance and even making a note if you need help with stairs.

Skyscanner is a very useful phone app if you prefer to fly within Vietnam or to other countries. They show different options depending on your needs (cheapest, fastest, and most convenient way). You can also use this app outside Vietnam.

Top Phone Apps To Use in Vietnam

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If you are feeling lazy to cook for yourself or too busy to go to the shop, there are phone apps that can help you with these issues. 

Chopp or MarketOi or Shopee

Do you need anything but couldn’t it after visiting three grocery stores? Perhaps you simply need something but no time to go shopping? These apps are basically your own personal shopper, find what you need through their app, set up the payment method, click the time you expected it to be delivered and voila – you will get them right at your front door!


You either hangover today or simply feeling tedious to cook or go out for food, Vietnammm have your back. An app where you can browse what kind of food you are craving for, Vietnammm can bring them to you in no time for very affordable price!


Are you a foodie yourself? Here’s the app perfect for you. Foody is a community app where users come together, share their experience in a certain restaurant, give their reviews and tips. Using this app will make it easier to find the must-try food and restaurants in the city!

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Just like everyone who moved to Vietnam, language barrier is something that will take time to break. TO help you ease this problem a little bit, here are some phone apps that can assist you to get by everyday in communicating with the locals.


If you need help in improving or even us learning basic Vietnamese, Duolingo can help you with it! This app will help you improve your speaking, listening, and reading ability with your prefered new language to learn. Duolingo also covers different languages.

Google Translate

We get it, Vietnamese is not an easy language to learn. Even Vietnam is slowly taking the next level to have everyone learn English, you will still encounter daily scenes where language is indeed a barrier. The great thing about Google translate is that you can download the translation, therefore, you can use the app even offline too.


While you are new in Vietnam and your network is still in the process of building up, at some point you will need assistance in some work, either in your apartment or daily life struggle where you will need to reach out to some one for a service or a simple help.


This is your go-to app if you need any cleaning to be done around your house. You can easily book the cleaning service you need in advance and get a discount depending on how many hours you want to book. You can choose yourself which cleaning personnel or company you prefer to do the job for you!

MobiFone Next

If you are using MobFone as your sim card and data provider, they have an app where you can purchase the bundles and credits you need for your phone. This is a perfect way to save time instead of going to their shop for this errand. You can even see if there are any discounts or deals from them.

XE Currency

I’ve travelled to quite a few countries and I have to admit that currency conversion gives me a headache! The most accurate and useful app for this that I can suggest you use is XE Currency. This works not only in Vietnam but everywhere in the world too.

I'm pretty sure there are more phone apps out there that can be very helpful during your time in Vietnam, if you know any of it, please let us know so we can add them here and we can help other expats and travellers in Vietnam too.

I hope you find this article useful, if you have any questions, comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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