Moving To Vietnam: Why You Should Move to Vietnam

Moving To Vietnam: Why You Should Move to Vietnam

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Moving abroad seems like a fun way to explore the world and start fresh in your life. Nowadays, moving to a different country across the globe is very trendy. However, the world is massive, the numbers of countries where you can enjoy a new chapter of your life seem overwhelming. Is Vietnam one of the countries you are planning to move and start a home base? I’ll tell you why you should move to Vietnam, I will list down the reasons why this country is like no other when it comes to being an expat.

I personally have lived both in Hanoi, the capital of the country and Ho Chi Minh (Saigon/Sai Go), the biggest city in Vietnam. Even these two are the cities where most expats are living at the moment, there are a handful of other places you should consider.


Moving To Vietnam: Why You Should Move to Vietnam



The cost of living in Vietnam attracts many expats from everywhere in the world. A lot of expats claims that Vietnam is not relatively cheap, for me, the cost of living here is down to how flexible you are. You can easily find an apartment for $1000 or $230 all depends on what lifestyle you are comfortable living in. If you are on a budget, dive in buy and sell groups to find the basic furniture you need.

The food in Vietnam is cheap too, you can find cooked food outside for $1.25 or eat out in a restaurant for $4. Transportation is undeniably cheap as well, buy your own motorbike for $300 or take a bus for less than a dollar. Uber and Grab are both massively use as well, which is the perfect way to beat the traffic. The use of bicycles is on the scene too, if this is something you picture yourself doing.

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You probably have one or two Vietnamese restaurants in your hometown and you probably have enjoyed them. One of my Canadian friends told me how amazing Vietnamese food in Canada, I told her she needs to go to Vietnam to taste the real Vietnamese food; authentic, fresh, and affordable!

Vietnamese takes pride in their cuisine, how can they not? Aside from it’s mouthwatering, I’d say it’s one of the healthiest cuisines I’ve ever tried. From the North of Vietnam to the South, you will be showered with dishes that are new to your taste bud which at the same time will not break your bank. This should be enough reason to move to Vietnam!


What I find most amusing in Vietnam is how different their climate from the North, Centre, and South of Vietnam. When I was living in Hanoi, no one prepared me that they actually have winter. I mean, it’s Southeast Asia, I don’t need to pack winter jacket – but I was wrong. At the end of December until the end of January, Hanoi and the rest of the North could be freezing down to 4 degrees. Whilst the rest of the year, it’s hot with high humidity in this part of the country.

If you are escaping the cold, the Central and South Vietnam can accommodate you well. If you don’t mind the rain and the humid, you belong to this part of the country.


Vietnamese is one of the hardest languages, that’s no secret. However, almost a decade ago, Vietnam started to hire a crazy number of English teachers, languages schools popped up like mushrooms all over the country. Resulting in a large number of young Vietnamese who can communicate with you well. This is also the reason for the next up on my list. Given this, I still recommend you to learn basic Vietnamese, this will help your everyday life too.


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Vietnam is definitely a melting pot of ESL teachers, the demand rate of English teachers in Vietnam has skyrocketed and continuously soaring. As long as you have the right documents, you can easily land a teaching job. On the other hand, I do understand that teaching is not for everyone. Being one of the most popular bases for expats, the number of jobs for foreigners can be found around the corner too, like in hospitality and service industry, IT, Finance, Engineering, and more.

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If you are a remote worker, I’m pretty sure that internet plays a big role for you. Another thing that surprised me more is the fact that Vietnam has really amazing internet speed. The shared apartment I currently live has 35MBps, which I truly love! Getting internet on your phone too is possible, easy, cheap, and fast.


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I moved to Vietnam mainly because I know how amazing it is to travel here and I was not wrong. Vietnam’s geography is perfect, it is located on the coast which made it a perfect place for resort holiday, on the other side, it is rich in mountains to climb, forest to explore, wild animals to adore, and hidden gems to explore.

The fact that Vietnam could be travelled by bus, train, aeroplane, or even motorbike, made it so easy to travel around the country, the transportation in Vietnam is reliable. Plus, like what I mentioned before, it’s affordable.


Vietnam Visa

One more thing to love about moving to Vietnam is how easy to work their visa out. You can start with a business visa, you can obtain this even without having a job first hand, you can escalate to a work permit later. Obtaining a business visa will give you enough time to find an apartment, job, and even school for your children. If you don’t want to get a business visa, which is available for minimum of one year, you can get a tourist visa first to see if you will like the country, however, you cannot get a job or an apartment with this, if you do, you are basically doing illegal doings in Vietnam.

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Vietnamese is probably one of the most hospitable and warm people I have encountered in my life. When I was living in the North of Vietnam, a local family invited me to live with them for a month, no questions asked, they provided me with my own room and fed me for the whole time I was with them. The locals are happy to help you out or simply speak to you in English. You will be offered food by your neighbours or will ask you if you need help. They will smile at you and greet you on the street and even make a small conversation despite the occasional language barrier.


The expat community in Vietnam is massive and is very helpful. I moved to Ho Chi Minh City, it’s where I started to build a network of friends or simply finding answers to my everyday questions about getting around and finding everything in the country.

Both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City has a huge expat base, whilst in smaller cities like Hoi An and Da Nang, I’m 100% sure you will find them too.

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I personally think Vietnam is a heaven place for expats, from easy visa to the cost of living, which I both find a big must when choosing a place to live, there is nothing else I could think why you should not move here.

If you have any questions, drop us an email or comment below and we’d be happy to help!



Are you planning to move abroad but still undecided where to? Find out why you should move to Vietnam, or the cost of living in Vietnam. Read up this article about moving to Vietnam. #movetovietnam #movingtovietnam #reasonstomovetovietnam #costoflivinginvietnam #expatlifeinvietnam
Moving abroad seems like a fun way to explore the world and start fresh in your life. Find out why you should move to Vietnam, or the cost of living in Vietnam. Read up this article about moving to Vietnam. #movetovietnam #movingtovietnam #reasonstomovetovietnam #costoflivinginvietnam #expatlifeinvietnam

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