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2018: Teaching English in Vietnam – What You Need to Know

teaching eNGlish in vietnam:What you need to know​​​​​​​​Vietnamese kids posing for a photo | Photo Credit: Pixabay.comVietnam is undeniably one of the melting pots for ESL teachers who are looking to make a career in a foreign land. Low cost of living, great food, amazing destination to travel, warm and such welcoming culture, these are […]

  • Mary
  • August 11, 2018
types of visas in Vietnam

Fastest Way to Do Your Vietnam Visa Extension

FASTEST WAY TO DO YOUR VIETNAM VISA EXTENSIONTourist visa for three months with multiple entriesUnder different circumstances, travellers or expats in Vietnam get themselves in the situation where they have to extend their visa or worse, have overstayed their visa. This problem can be resolved depending on how long you have overstayed or how long […]

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