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3 WEEK VIETNAM ITINERARY - What To See, Eat, Do - Cat Tien

3 Week Vietnam Itinerary

3 WEEK VIETNAM ITINERARY:What To See, Eat, Do [2019]Photo Credit: Photo credit: ThuyHaBich via Pixabay.comVietnam is one of the most famous destinations in Southeast Asia. It offers travelers a raw Asian experience. With its good food, exotic treats, marketplaces bustling with people, unique culture, and even the local wildlife, passionate travelers will surely remember each […]

BEST PLACES TO STAY IN HANOI- Best Hotels In Hanoi And Budget Hostels

Best Places To Stay in Hanoi

Best Places To Stay in Hanoi:Best Hotels in Hanoi and Budget Hostels [2019], known as the capital of Vietnam, is one of the exotic destinations in Asia where you can see that locals are soaking up their culture. It is a fascinating and fast-paced city where you can see amazing street-side pho and tiny beer […]

best time to go to vietnam - ho chi minh city, saigon, skyline

Best Time To Go To Vietnam: When to visit, travel, and explore

[2019] THE BEST TIME TO GO TO VIETNAM:When To Visit, Travel, And ExploreHa Long Bay Boat Market | Photo credit: ThuyHaBich via Pixabay.comVietnam is a beautiful country bristling with new and interesting experiences every time. The visitant to this beautiful country can see and experience things you won’t presently forget. The best time to go […]

Are you heading to Vietnam? You might want to check these fun things to do in Vietnam to get your planning going. From the north to the south of #Vietnam, there is always exciting things to do. These are also must see and must dos plus Vietnam travel tips #funthingstodoinvietnam #vietnamtraveletips #thingstobuyinvietnam

Fun Things To Do In Vietnam

24 FUN THINGS TO DO IN VIETNAM:From North to South [Updated 2019]Photo Credit: Pixabay.comMany travellers and tourists who have been to Vietnam enjoyed their time here, their recommendation of places to see, food to try, and things to do is endless and can be overwhelming. The size of Vietnam is undeniably pretty big while not […]

moving to vietnam checklist

Travelling in Vietnam Packing List: What to pack for Vietnam

tRAVELLING IN VIETNAM PACKING LIST:What to pack for Vietnam, What To Wear [updated 2019]Updated June 2019 | Originally Published September 2018 Packing for a trip to Vietnam is more than just throwing everything that you think you need in to your suitcase or backpack. There are a few things that you should consider before hopping on […]

where to stay in ho chi minh city

Where to Stay in Ho Chi Minh City

[UPDATED 2019] Where to stay in Ho Chi Minh City:Luxury Hotels, Mid-range Hotels, HostelsPhoto Credit: Pixabay.comYear after year, millions and millions of tourist are flying to Vietnam for a holiday, volunteering or moving abroad, Vietnam learned to cope up with it and managed to accommodate everyone. Which results in having too many options to choose […]

How to Get from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne

How to Get from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne

HOW TO GET FROM HO CHI MINH TO MUI NE:Bus, Train, and MotorbikePhoto Credit: Pixabay.comIf you are backpacking in Vietnam and starting in Ho Chi Minh City, there is a big chance that you will want to go to Mui Ne. Either through your research or from other travellers that you meet and gave you […]

motorbiking in vietnam

Motorbiking in Vietnam

[UPDATED 2019] Motorbiking in Vietnam:Cost, Tips, Route, Visa, and MoreThere are a lot of travellers and expats in Vietnam who blindly jumped on an idea to go motorbiking in Vietnam when their backpacking this part of the world. From the north to the south or vice versa – and this is a huge “thing” when […]

Best City to Live in Vietnam

How to Travel from Ho Chi Minh to Vung Tau

How to Travel from Ho Chi Minh to Vung Tau:By Bus, Ferry, or Motorbike [UPDATED 2019]Unfortunately, Ho Chi Minh City is not a beach city. Locals, travellers, and expats need to travel to either Phu Quoc or Vung Tau to be able to enjoy a sunny, relaxing, beach vibe. Good thing is that Phu Quoc […]

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