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Are you going to travel in Vietnam soon and undecided where to stay in Vietnam? check out the list of this vietnam hostel list to find the best hostels in Hanoi, best hostel in Sapa, best hostel in Phong Nha, best hostel in Hue, best hostel in Hoi an, best hostel in Nha Trang, best hostel in Mui Ne and best hostel in Ho Chi Minh. From party hostels in Vietnam to homestays in Vietnam. #hostelsinVietnam #vietnamhostel #hanoihostel #phongnhahostel #huehostel #hoianhostel #nhatranghostel #muinehostel #hochiminhhostel #homestayinvietnam

Vietnam as one of the top tourist destinations in Southeast is indeed true. There are millions and millions of travellers from everywhere in the world are flying to Vietnam to experience not only its nice beaches but t ounderstand its culure, try the world-class Vietnamese cuisine, take a walk back at Vietnam's history, try the Vietnamese coffee, ride a motorbike across the country, and of course to simply meet the locals.

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Because of the unstoppable growing of tourists visiting Vietnam, businesses to accommodate the needs of the foreigners are not behind. There are accommodations, restaurants, and tour agencies popping out almost every half a year.

When I first came to Vietnam in 2015, there are hostels everywhere, a lot of them are very cheap with decent reviews. But let's be honest, affordable price and good reviews online are not everything. Those online feedback can be manipulated, those cheap prices have hidden "gross" feature why it's cheap. So, I've decided to list the hostels I've personally stayed plus hostels that are suggested to me by other travellers.

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IF YOU ARE IN A HURRY, you can browse the best hostels in Vietnam on the comparison table below. If you need more information on each hostel, you may scroll past the table.



PRICE PER DORM BED *prices change is possible






Flipside Hostel


Rooftop bar, Party hostel, good location

Vietnam Backpacker's Hostel (Downtown and The Original)


Party hostel

Hanoi Rocks


Party hostel

Box Hotel


Laid back hotel, great location,


Go Sapa Hostel


Located at the town proper, affordable

Hoang Kim Homestay


Homestay, located at the town proper

ZiZi Mekhoo Sapa Homestay


Homestay, located at teh mountain, quite and peaceful area


Easy Tiger


Laid back hostel, great service from the staffs

Elegant Hostel


Laid back hostel, affordable


Hue Backpacker's Hostel (own by Vietnam Backpacker's Hostel(


Party hostel

Amy Hostel


Cosy hostel, affordable


Under The Coconut Tree


Laid back hostel, great staffs

Tribee Hostel


Home-like hostel, close to the beach

Hoi An Hostel (own by Vietnam Backpacker's Hostel)


Party hostel, swimming pool


Mojzo Dorm


Rooftop view, medium party hostel

iHome Nha Trang


Free beers, affordable

Backpack Abode Nha Trang


Affordable, great dorms, free beers


Mui Ne Backpacker Village


Party hostel, swimming pool, cheap drinks

LongSon Mui Ne


Affordable food, drinks, and camping materials

Mui Ne Hills Backpackers


Affordable, swimming pool, sun beds


Kha Hostel Cafe


Laid bakc atmosphere, great privacy at dorm rooms

Flipside Hostel


Party hostel, rooftop swimming pool

Long Hostel


Affordable, less beds in dorm rooms

Hangout Hostel


Has been on the business for a while, medium party hostel


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Dorm rooms start at $5

Most guests in Flipside Hostel thinks that it’s the best hostel in Hanoi because of their rooftop bar, it’s not that high and the view is not very stunning. However, a rooftop is a rooftop, on hot days, the rooftop of this hostel is the best to chill out, both during the day and evening. It’s also the best place to meet other travellers, grab a cold beer. For only $5 a night for a dorm bed, you can be in a great location, have an awesome rooftop bar, and a bed for the night. Another thing I like about this place is that if you are the kind of traveller who wants a party but not every night, this is definitely the place.



Dorm rooms start at $6

This hostel is well-known for the best party hostel in Hanoi. They have two hostels in Hanoi both located perfectly. If you want a party every night and all night long, this is exactly the place you want to be. During the day, the hostel is quite and very chill, but once the sun has set down, gear up and make sure you can be one of the last man standing. Dancing on the table, alcohol pouring right on your throat, live DJ, different events every night, pub crawls, and what’s even better? They organise a party tour on an isolated island! They probably not the cheapest hostel in Hanoi but they are the true party hostel, that is a no-brainer.

Dorm rooms start at $ 6

Does Vietnam Backpacker’s hostel is a little too much for you? Try out Hanoi Rocks, they are voted for best hostel in Hanoi not only for their party but also their location which sits right at the Old Quarter. In the weekends, the night market is right in front of Hanoi Rocks where you can buy souvenirs and food. You can also get pierced or tattooed in this hostel, The interior along the hallways will remind you of a College party, shared bathroom, and big dorm rooms which hold up to 22 people; welcome back in College!

Dorm rooms start at $6

Probably not the most affordable hostel, but Box Hostel is praised as the best hostel in Hanoi because of its location; right at the Old Quarter, very close to Hoan Kiem lake, and walking distance to almost every attraction in the city. This hostel is perfect for the laid-back travellers, it’s quite, a good place to meet same minded people. The dorm beds are accompanied by curtain covers to give you a little privacy. The service was also appreciated by its past guests, the staffs speak English, helped them with airport service o simply getting around the area. Box hostel is also very close to the popular beer corner where you can get fresh beer for $0.25.

Best hostels in Sapa

Dorm rooms start at $5

A few years ago, Sapa only has guest houses and homestays. Because of the big flow of tourist, hostels started to pop up here as well. Go Sapa Hostel is the most reviewed hostel in Sapa; they are popular for a great value of money, cleanliness, and having such helpful staffs. For only $5, you can get a bed in a dorm room, a free breakfast, and unlimited tips about travelling in Sapa. Despite being in the mountains, this hostel also offers a free wifi.

Dorm rooms start at $6

This homestay is perfect for those who are looking for a more homey vibe. This is managed by a local family who always assures to make you feel comfortable. They organise not only trek tours but also cooking classes, traditional handcraft workshop, and other activities. They are liked for great service, affordability, cleanliness, and having a good location.

Dorm rooms start at $7

For a more natural and quiet vibe, Zizi Mekhoo is located not in the town of Sapa but by the mountains. You will wake up overlooking a beautiful view while having a chat with the locals of Sapa. They cater tours that are organised by indigenous and local people or also known as Hmong tribe. Since it’s not by the town, you need to let them know how you want to be picked up by the owner; through trekking, taxi, or motorbike taxi. If you have luggage, they can handle it for you and bring it to the homestay. They also offer free breakfast and WiFi.

Are you going to travel in Vietnam soon? check out the list of this vietnam hostel list to find the best hostels in Hanoi, best hostel in Sapa, best hostel in Phong Nha, best hostel in Hue, best hostel in Hoi an, best hostel in Nha Trang, best hostel in Mui Ne and best hostel in Ho Chi Minh. From party hostels in Vietnam to homestays in Vietnam.

Photo Credit: Easy Tiger

Dorm rooms start at $6

Easy Tiger is a place you won’t easily find on the internet. I mean, they are not on the big booking sites. I learnt about this hostel through others travellers, most of them have volunteered here for a few nights, some even weeks. I would say the best feature of Easy Tiger is its cosiness, everyone gathers on the common area, play games, share stories, drink a beer, eat together. Strangers turn into travel buddies, next thing you know, they decided to travel together even they only bonded for a few days. Easy Tiger is also the place to drink cold beer and maybe dance a little. It’s not a crazy party but it’s one of the favourites.

Dorm rooms start at $5

For affordable as $5, you can get a comfortable bed in a dorm room and fresh blankets and pillowcase. WiFi is also free of access and free breakfast. The elegant hostel is loved by their past guests for their impeccable service, the staffs speak well English and are very friendly. The hostel is also well-located, only a few kilometres away from Phong Nha Cave and Dong Hoi Airport.

Dorm room starts at $ 6

This hostel is one of the properties of Vietnam Backpacker’s Hostels. When you get in Hue, you will probably have come across their other hostels in Hanoi. This is exactly the place you want to be if you are looking for a crazy party. Although there are other bars and clubs you can drink and dance all night. Hue Backpackers Hostel is well-located, close to the “high street” where it’s packed with restaurants, bars, and shopping places.

Dorm room starts at $ 4

For a more chill place to stay in a busy town, Amy Hostel Hue is your choice. It’s named best hostel Hue for its affordable price, great beds, amazing breakfast, and best location. Not only backpackers enjoy this place but also family travellers. If you prefer to relax and just enjoy the local vibe, this is the place for you.

Dorm room starts at $ 6

Just like Easy Tiger, Under The Coconut Tree was recommended to me by other travellers and I am happy I stayed there. The atmosphere is so relaxing, most people who have been here also described this place as “more than a hostel”. The vibe here is more like a homestay, you will feel very welcome. The fact that it is also close to the beach, is the deal breaker. Go book your bed and see what I’m talking about.

Dorm room starts at $ 7

Tribee is one of those homes away from home type of place, the staffs are very friendly that you will feel at home right away. They surely have rules and policy but everyone is very chill, you will meet and get along with a lot of people in no time. The beach is a little bit of walk but at the same time, you will get the chance to explore the other parts of the city. Tribee hostel was recommended to me by people who have stayed here and enjoyed it a lot. There are other Tribee hostels in Hoi An, make sure you booked the right one.

Dorm room starts at $ 7

Vietnam Backpacker’s Hostel didn’t miss to bring the party to Hoi An. If you are not tired of dancing yet, then you have to stay in Hoi An Backpacker’s hostel, they were renovated recently and improved a lot better. They have a swimming pool, every night there is an event, and of course, an epic pub crawl.

Dorm room starts at $7

Mojzo Dorm is one of the top five best hostels in Nha Trang. Without surprise, travellers enjoy staying here not only for its cleanliness and amazing staff. The location was not only perfect, it was stunning. At their rooftop, you will enjoy a great view of the mountains and the city. The free breakfast can be enjoyed with this view. After exploring Nha Trang, enjoy a cold beer while meeting new people. If you love Vietnamese food, come join them on their FREE food tour every night.

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Dorm room starts at $5

More parties down on the best party hostel in Nha Trang, there are free beers every night for one hour for everyone. Go hang out their rooftop bar where all the cool things are happening. Even it is known for their party, iHome Nha Trang is also known for their amazing staffs, free breakfast, and comfortable and clean rooms. There is no other reason why you should not stay or at least check out this hostel.

Dorm room starts at $5

If you are on a budget but don’t want to miss the fun, Backpack Abode Nha Trang is the place for you. For such affordable price, $5 will get you a bed, free breakfast, free beer for an hour every night, and the unbeatable service of their staffs. The people who work here are young people, which speaks great English, easy going, and helpful in everything you need. The dorm rooms have little curtains to give you some privacy, their location is only a few minutes walk from the city centre.

Dorm room starts at $3

If we are talking about the best budget hostel that comes with a pool, bar that offers cheap drinks, activity area, and clean hostel room – Mui Ne Backpacker Village is the place. For the tours around Mui Ne, this hostel offers great deals with amazing prices. There is no need to go around and compare the prices because we already did it for you. There are a lot of staffs from the west who works here, they host the activities every night. If you need to rent a motorbike – ask the front desk. If you need to go to the beach – ask the hostel. Or if you have anything else you need – the front desk staffs are always there to give a hand.

Dorm room starts at $3

For an affordable place with great view and location, LongSon Mui Ne will take care of you. They have a daily offer of $1 for a snack or drink and every Friday, you can rent a camp tent for $1. The rooms are designed in a very tropical way, clean, and are well ventilated with fresh air. They also have a bar and restaurant that is open 24/7. The location is great, right at the front beach and only a few minutes walk to the main street. If you need to go to the main town, the staffs can help you arrange a transportation.

Dorm room starts at $2

Why is this one of the best hostels in Mui Nei? This hostel has two large pools where everyone is hanging around, playing pool games, sharing travel stories, getting tanned, and partying at night. For $2.50, there is no way you can find a better deal than this. Well located with beautiful view, the hostel caters tours at a very good price. The reception desk is operating 24 hours a day to help you, they also have a bar and restaurant to offer you food throughout the day and night.

Dorm room starts at $9

Kha Hostel and Cafe is not the cheapest place in Ho Chi Minh City, however, there is a great reason why. For a really comfortable room in a shared room, they surely offer the best in the city. Your bed has its own reading light, you have your own curtain for privacy, between beds are solid wood. Imagine those capsule dorm rooms, Kha Hostel Cafe offer the same but very cosy and private. They also offer free breakfast, they serve food all day. They are located perfectly; not far from the backpacker’s street (Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien) but at the same time, it is away from the annoying traffic noises. The must see’s in Ho Chi Minh City are only a few minutes walk. The hostel opened recently which guarantee very clean common areas.

Dorm room start at $7

One of the favourites hostels in Hanoi has finally opened in Ho Chi Minh City. What makes it so special? They have a rooftop swimming pool, affordable but clean dorm rooms, pub crawls, and top-notch service – all for only $7 a night. Flipside party is the party you don’t want to miss while in Ho Chi Minh City, this city of Vietnam is full of bars where travellers and locals dance and drink the night away together. The crew of Flipside will take you to the best bars in town to make sure that you will have a great time.

Dorm starts at $6

If you want a more laid back place to stay while in Ho Chi Minh City, Long Hostel offers a quiet and clean room. The location is not far from the backpacker’s street (Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien) but the foot and car traffic is a lot less. The biggest dorm room they have has only 5 beds, which means more privacy compared to other hostels that come up to 14 or 20 beds. They offer free breakfast and free beers to their guests, the staffs are helpful if you need any assistance with what to see around, transportation, and other essentials. Long Hostel is a smaller hostel which gives you a great break in such busy city.

Dorm room starts at $6

If you want to play it safe and rather stay in a hostel that has been running for a while, Hangout hostel is a good fit. They are one of the most booked hostels by backpackers. For an affordable price, they offer free breakfast, free shot, free beers, and all their rooms are with AC. They also have a computer to use for free. The rooms are clean, the beds are comfortable, and their best feature is their location. Located right at the heart of the backpacker’s street, Pham Ngu Lao, there is no doubt why they are loved by most travellers.

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I hope you find this article about hostels in Vietnam useful. If you have any questions, let us know on the comment section or contact us.


Travelling in Vietnam soon and undecided where to stay in Vietnam? check out the list of this vietnam hostels to find the best hostels in Hanoi, best hostel in Sapa, best hostel in Hue, best hostel in Hoi an, best hostel in Mui Ne and best hostel in Ho Chi Minh. From party hostels in Vietnam to homestays in Vietnam. #hostelsinVietnam #vietnamhostel #hanoihostel #hochiminhhostel #homestayinvietnam
Travelling in Vietnam soon and undecided where to stay in Vietnam? check out the list of this vietnam hostels to find the best hostels in Hanoi, best hostel in Sapa, best hostel in Hue, best hostel in Hoi an, best hostel in Mui Ne and best hostel in Ho Chi Minh. From party hostels in Vietnam to homestays in Vietnam. #hostelsinVietnam #vietnamhostel #hanoihostel #hochiminhhostel #homestayinvietnam

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