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Accommodation in Da Nang Minh House

Accommodation in Da Nang: Where to stay in Da Nang

ACCOMMODATION IN DA NANG:Where to Stay in Da NangPhoto by Anh Nguyen on UnsplashTo the wandering soul looking for the perfect blend of nature and city adventure, Da Nang, Vietnam will not disappoint. The city offers a unique escape, one where nature trips and urban activities are within comfortable access. If you’re heading there anytime […]

Best things to do in Da Nang

Best Things to Do in Da Nang

Best Things to Do in Da Nang:attractions to see, food to try, and moreDa Nang city – Photo Credit by Anh Nguyen on UnsplashNot every city gets the best of both scenic natural views and bustling urban beat; Da Nang is one of the lucky ones, and probably why is it one of the best […]


Living and Teaching in Vinh and Vinh Phuc – Ross The Explorer

LIVING AND TEACHING IN VINH AND VINH PHUC:Outside the big cities of vietnamVinh Bay – Photo Credit: loilamtan via Pixabay.comThe Vietnamese government is encouraging all young learners, nation wide, to learn English. Progress is being made. Nowadays in small villages and large cities, you will get surrounded by armies of kids all excitedly wanting to […]

Are you heading to Vietnam? You might want to check these fun things to do in Vietnam to get your planning going. From the north to the south of #Vietnam, there is always exciting things to do. These are also must see and must dos plus Vietnam travel tips #funthingstodoinvietnam #vietnamtraveletips #thingstobuyinvietnam

Fun Things To Do In Vietnam

FUN THINGS TO DO IN VIETNAM:From North to SouthPhoto Credit: Pixabay.comMany travellers and tourists who have been to Vietnam enjoyed their time here, their recommendation of places to see, food to try, and things to do is endless and can be overwhelming. The size of Vietnam is undeniably pretty big while not every visitor have […]

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